Design requirements and standard of coal mill lining

- Sep 15, 2018-

The coal mill lining board is self-lubricating and non-viscous in the process of operation, so as to solve the phenomenon of storehouse blockage. When used, the coal mill lining board can also reduce the labor intensity of workers, save a large number of human resources costs, and create greater profits for our users.

The most important breakthrough is actually in the impact performance. In order to adapt more to a use environment, the coal grinding lining board should have a great standard for the impact resistance performance, so that the coal grinding lining board can become irreplaceable in the minds of various industries.

Due to the flow of materials in the bunker during operation, the inner wall of the coal bunker is designed with a layer of smooth coal mill lining with wear-resistant strength 5~6 times higher than that of common steel plate to extend the service life of the coal bunker and reduce the maintenance rate.With high wear resistance, small matcha coefficient, low impact resistance, low cost, and good process performance, the product can be made of coal grinding lining material into coal mining machinery bearing shell and sleeve, coal bin lining plate, filter plate of pressure filter press, friction plate of spraying machine and coal powder sand board.This not only extends the life of coal bin lining, but also makes use of raw materials again.