Design process and mechanical properties of wear - resistant castings

- Jan 28, 2019-

The mechanical properties of wear-resisting castings are mainly dependent on the metal matrix when they are used. To some extent, controlling the austenitizing temperature, holding time and cooling condition through heat treatment can change the mass fraction of the carbon of the austenitic castings and their transition products, so that the mechanical properties of nodular cast iron can be significantly improved.In the heat treatment process, graphite, as a phase in ductile iron, also participates in the phase transformation process.

Design process of wear - resistant castings

Wear-resisting castings in the process of design, in addition to according to the working conditions and the metal material performance to determine its casting geometric shape, size, also must from the perspective of the casting alloy and casting characteristics to consider the rationality of the design, namely the obvious size effect and solidification, shrinkage, stress and other problems, in order to avoid or reduce the casting composition segregation, deformation, cracking and other defects.

It is necessary to have a reasonable casting process for wear-resisting castings. In operation, proper parting surface, molding method and core-making method should be selected according to casting structure, weight and size, casting alloy characteristics and production conditions, and casting bars, coolers, risers and casting systems should be set reasonably.To ensure quality casting.The third is the quality of casting materials.The quality of metal charge, refractory, fuel, flux, metamorphism agent, casting sand, molding sand binder, coating and other materials is not up to standard, which will cause the casting defects such as porosity, pinhole, slag inclusion and sand sticking, affect the appearance quality and internal quality of the casting, and in serious cases, the casting will be scrapped.The 4th it is craft operation, want to make reasonable craft operation regulation, raise the technical level of the worker, make craft regulation gets correct carry