Design principles and shape and structure requirements of Nickel hard cast Iron

- Mar 17, 2018-

Nickel hard cast iron is a kind of Ni-Cr white cast iron with outstanding wear resistance, which has been widely used in mining, electric power, cement, ceramics, spray plating, dredging, coking, steelmaking and foundry.


Requirements for shape and structure of nickel hard cast iron


1. Eliminate internal side recess.

2. Avoid or reduce core pulling.

3. Avoiding core cross, reasonable die casting structure can not only simplify die casting structure, reduce manufacturing cost, but also improve casting quality.


Requirements for bars of nickel cast iron


The function of the reinforcement is to increase the strength and rigidity of the parts after the wall thickness is thinned, to prevent the shrinkage and deformation of the casting and to avoid the deformation of the workpiece when it is ejected from the die. Filling is used to act on the auxiliary circuit (the metal flow path, the thickness of the die casting bars should be less than the thickness of the wall, generally take the thickness of 2 / 3 / 3 / 4 of the thickness;


Design principles of Nickel hard cast Iron


1. Proper selection of die casting materials.

2. The dimension accuracy of die casting is determined reasonably.

3. The distribution of wall thickness is uniform as far as possible.

4. Add craft round corner at each corner, avoid sharp angle.