- Jan 16, 2018-

Chen Changshun  (Senior Engineer)

(Wuxi Orient Anti-wear Co., Ltd.   P.C.:214197)



Ball mills are the main comminuting and levigating equipments used in mining,cement,coal-fired power generation, metallurgical, and chemical-engineering industries. Mill liners are the main wear parts in the normal working conditions of ball mills.The wear performance of liners has fundamental influences on production, operative cost and maintenance, working environment and the effective application of metal resources.


With the development of wear-resistant materials, Cr-Mo alloy steel,high Chrome cast iron, even ductile iron and porcelain,have been successfully used to manufacture ball mill liners. But in long-term experiments and industrial application, it is found that the design of traditional liners with history of over 100 years has not been able to follow the development of wear-resistant materials.


According to the working characteristics of ball mills, we put forward structure- strengthening and prestress-integrity-strengthening concepts, and worked out the Combined Self-fastened Boltless Ball Mill Liners,which are regarded as an epoch-making mill liner product.


Compared with the traditional boltled liners, our boltless liners can completely solve the problems of breakage of bolts and the leakage of pulp, reduce more than 98% maintanance during service life and prolong the life of liners.The most important feature is that it can make good use of the alloy materials. Also,with such a liner design, the Martensitic ductile iron and porcelain can have a reliable appication to manufacture ball mill liners.