Description of high chromium cast iron

- Apr 14, 2019-

In order to improve the mechanical properties and wear resistance of Cr20 series eutectic high chromium cast iron, the pretreatment process of compound metamorphic furnace and reasonable heat treatment method were adopted.The results show that the initial carbide ends of the castings treated by inoculation are round and blunt, and the carbides are refined obviously.


High chromium cast iron is the third - generation anti - wear white iron based on hard nickel cast iron.Relevant reports in the industry indicate that many scholars and technicians mainly focus on the study of the subeutectic high chromium cast iron of wCr = 10% ~ 30% and thoroughly discuss and analyze its mechanism.However, xu xueshu et al. of Beijing university of industry explained the phenomenon that the subeutectic high chromium cast iron is not wear-resistant, and emphasized that the insufficient carbide volume in the material structure is the main reason for the poor effect.Hypereutectic high chromium cast iron has more Cr7C3 carbides and is a more potential wear-resistant material compared with the subeutectic class. However, without special control, the coarse primary carbides in the microstructure will lead to premature cracking of the castings and reduce the yield and safety of the castings, thus limiting the application scope of this type of high chromium cast iron.At present, many attempts have been made to improve the properties of this type of cast