Continuous casting of high-alloy heat-resistant steel

- Dec 20, 2020-

Continuous casting is an important measure for high-alloy heat-resistant steel production to improve quality and reduce costs, and it is also one of the important signs of modern production. In fact, the continuous casting of high-alloy heat-resistant steel has many similarities and differences with general steel continuous casting.

Steel contains a variety of alloying elements, especially aluminum and titanium, which are easily oxidized during the casting process; the contact time of molten steel with ladle and tundish lining bricks and with oxygen in the air is relatively longer than that of die casting, so oxidation inclusions are easily generated . However, the solidification morphology of high-alloy heat-resistant steel is more complicated, and there is a brittle temperature during the solidification and cooling process, so the casting billet is prone to cracks, especially austenitic steel.