Connection and balancing efficiency of mine mill

- Mar 27, 2019-

Mine mill in the process of operation, it covers an area of small and finished product particle size screening rate can reach 99%, the host transmission balance, small noise, simple installation, maintenance, reliable operation, multi-stage separation dust removal, pollution-free and other advantages.Suitable for dry ultra-fine powder processing of mineral materials, it is an ideal equipment for the grinding industry, especially for small enterprises.


Mine mill can effectively according to the different system productivity, in the use of different sizes of grinding balls, the grinding machine is generally equipped with 5 grinding balls.The pressure ring is used to fix the upper grinding ring. The pressure ring can move freely vertically in the body, which can prevent the foreign body from clogging and damaging the grinding element.The grinding yoke is a connection between the lower grinding ring and the driving device.The center of the grinding machine has an access door.


Mine mill is also equipped with hydraulic oil supply system and gear box oil supply system.Vertical grinding machine barrel body is a closed unit, in this unit can be simultaneously grinding, separation and transmission, grinding machine for continuous operation.Within the pressure comes from in a grinding machine grinding of hydraulic equipment, hydraulic cylinder transfer to the tension and the traction grinding machine within the tension of the spring, spring tensioning frame the grinding pressure evenly distributed to the pressure ring, ring up and down, and grinding balls, make fluctuation and grinding ball rotation of ring, then the aggregate of the grinding machine is grinding to powder, grinding fineness can be run by adjusting dynamic separator in rotor speed to