Common types and inspection requirements of coal mill liner

- Mar 01, 2018-

Coal mill lining plate in the process of use is mainly used to protect the cylinder body, so that it can be made from the grinding cylinder body and the material directly impact and friction, in the process of operation, the movement state also can be adjusted by the grinding body lining plate in different forms, in order to enhance the function of grinding grinding body on material, help to improve the efficiency of grinding mill, increase production, reduce the consumption of metal.


Coal mill lining plate common type corrugated, trapezoidal, T type, the entire product needs to select a reasonable ball and lining board hardness under normal circumstances, the coal mill lining plate and ball hardness ratio should be controlled in 1: (0185 ~ 0190), ball hardness is 117 times of grinding coal hardness. Such as the common coal hardness is HRC19, the hardness of steel should be HRC37 ~ 39, the lining hardness corresponding to HRC43 ~ 47.


The coal grinding liners need to strictly check the material and hardness of the liner. If the lining material is chaotic, the expansion volume of the liner will be uneven, and the individual liner will rise, which will cause the liner to fall off. Strictly control the coal quality and reduce the gangue content in the coal so as to improve the grindability coefficient of the raw coal.


The coal grinding liners need to use their mills properly, and adjust the coal feed rate of the coal mill in time at low load operation, and try to ensure that the coal pulverizer runs in the high load area when the powder storage is filled with powder. The fixed bolt holes of the liner are changed to circular arc to avoid the stress concentration.