Coal mill lining plate of two kinds of assembly methods and unique process

- Dec 28, 2018-

Coal mill lining board in the use of cylinder is mainly used to protect, so that it can effectively protect cylinder from the grinding medium and material directly impact and friction, also can use a different form of lining board to adjust the grinding body motion, to increase grinding medium for material crushing effect, helps to improve the efficiency of the grinding mill, increase production, reduce consumption of metal.The general liner types of coal mill are corrugated type, trapezoid type, T type, etc.

Coal mill lining plate is made by unique technology to a certain extent, which has the characteristics of high hardness and high toughness. At the same time, it changes the traditional adhesion and installation method, but adopts the double fixation of viscose and screw, which is especially suitable for use in the parts with high temperature and certain impact.

Classification and installation of coal mill lining board.

Coal mill lining plate optional two ways of assembly

1. Site installation, which requires the cylinder body to be relatively flat, not bumpy.

2. In the factory, ceramics are installed on arc steel plates and then welded to the cylinder