Coal mill lining board of high mechanical properties and heat resistance

- Mar 07, 2019-

The coal mill lining board has extremely high physical and mechanical properties, which can prevent adhesion, block, reduce noise, facilitate construction and installation, and save maintenance costs.Widely used in electric power, coking, coal, cement, mining, coal washing, metallurgy, paper, chemical industry and other industries, safe and reliable, durable use.

Coal mill lining board is a new kind of composite flame retardant, high strength and wear-resisting material with high technology content.The plate has a very high wear resistance, excellent self-lubrication, impact resistance, low friction coefficient, high and low temperature resistance, bibulous rate is low, chemical corrosion resistance, strong adaptability to environment, under the condition of strong external force and strong heat, its rigidity and heat resistance is strong, good flame retardant, and its advantages, in some special environment situations can change panel used effective application, because of its unique compound structure, make its have strong anti-aging performance, high working fixed number of year, 3 to 5 times that of ordinary plate.

Performance characteristics of coal mill lining board

1.extremely high wear resistance, very low friction coefficient, not easy to wear belt.

2.Excellent self-lubrication, no need of oil filling, and it is not easy to get stuck in bad conditions.

3.with anti-static, anti-flame retardant, anti-aging, resistance to chemical (acid, alkali and organic solvents) corrosion.

4.can withstand repeated shocks,