Coal mill lining board complete specifications and impact resistance

- Apr 30, 2019-

The coal mill lining plate has good impact resistance in the process of using. The base of the wear-resisting composite steel plate is low carbon steel or low alloy.In the use of stainless steel and other ductile materials, to a certain extent reflects the superiority of the bimetal, wear layer resistance to wear medium wear, substrate under the medium load, so there is a good impact resistance.It can withstand the impact and wear of high drop hopper in the material conveying system.


Wear resistant composite steel plate can be cut, leveling, punching, bending and curling, it can be made into a plate, arc plate, cone plate, cylinder.The cut composite board can be welded together into various engineering structures or parts.The composite plate can also be heated and pressed into complex shapes with a pallet.Wear-resistant composite steel plates can be bolted or welded to the equipment for easy replacement and maintenance.


The specification of coal mill lining board is complete and variety, to a certain extent has become a series of goods, wear resistant alloy layer thickness in the use of 3~20mm.The thickness of the composite steel plate is 6mm at most, and the thickness is not limited.Standard wear-resistant composite steel plate can be provided with 1200 or 1450 2000mm, or according to user demand, according to the size of the drawing customized processing.Wear-resisting composite steel plate is divided into three types: ordinary type, impact type and high temperature