China's foundry industry should adopt the development mode of circular economy

- Apr 23, 2019-

It is an important way to reduce energy consumption to adopt the development mode of circular economy and establish the foundry industry which is resource-saving and environment-friendly.All kinds of industrial furnaces in foundry production process are large consumption of resources and the source of environmental pollution.The energy consumption can be reduced by making full use of the residual heat in the foundry process.


Over the past 20 years, the development of China's foundry industry is mainly achieved by relying on cheap labor and domestic resources, energy and even a large amount of investment.With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous expansion of its scale, the constraints of domestic energy, resources and ecological environment on economic growth are increasing day by day, and the development of casting industry is also facing a series of major challenges.If we continue to follow the previous extensive, high-growth path at the expense of resources and the environment, we will certainly fail.China has been the world's largest casting production country for six consecutive years.But, in the foundry industry in our country faces energy constraints, environmental safety of pressure increases, the international casting industry competition and the protection of intellectual property rights to strengthen trends, casting in our country will become power from power, and to reduce the energy consumption of 20% in five years, reduce the pollutant emissions by 10%, only rely on innovation and improve the quality of the practitioners, by establishing harmonious manufacture idea, by the development of circular economy to just have