Centrifugal fan working conditions and revolution requirements

- Apr 28, 2019-

Due to the different working conditions and production requirements, the centrifugal fan equipment should be selected according to the actual conditions for comprehensive consideration.In order to meet the practical requirements of users, the centrifugal fan equipment must be designed from the user's point of view.The first is to choose the blade is a reasonable structure.


To a certain extent, the centrifugal fan should pay attention to the selection of suitable transmission mode, at this time not only to consider the requirements for the speed of the centrifugal fan equipment, but also consider the working environment of the fan equipment.If it is high temperature and dusty working environment, then the selected transmission mode should also consider the protection and cooling of the motor and bearing.Then it is about the choice of volute shape size, in general, volute shape size should be as small as possible.


If the requirements for the centrifugal fan equipment revolution is high, then it is recommended to choose a shortened cochlear shape, for low specific revolution fan generally choose standard cochlear shape.Sometimes in order to reduce the size of the volute, can choose the volute outlet speed is greater than the fan inlet speed scheme, at this time the use of the outlet diffuser to improve its static pressure value.Next, the outlet Angle of the blade should be selected.In fact, blade outlet Angle is one of the main geometric parameters to be selected in the design.


In order to facilitate the distinction and selection, so we are usually centrifugal fan equipment blade is divided into the following types: strong after curved blade (pump type), after curved arc blade, after curved straight blade, after curved wing blade;Radial outlet blade, radial straight blade;Forward bowed blade, strong forward bowed blade (multi - blade).Also pay attention to the number of suitable leaves.


When we design the centrifugal fan, one of the most important problems must be considered is to determine the outlet Angle of the impeller blade.According to the different outlet Angle of the blade, the blade can be divided into three types, that is, backward bowed blade, radial outlet blade and forward bowed blade.Three types of impeller blade, are currently used in centrifugal fan design.www.wuxiorient.com