Cause of slag defect in alloy steel castings

- Dec 22, 2017-

The slag defect refers to the defect that the dry sand, paint and other inclusions are formed with the molten iron entering the alloy steel castings during pouring. White or black-gray inclusions spots, single or in-piece distribution, white quartz sand particles, black gray for slag, paint, foam model after pyrolysis residues and other inclusions. This flaw is commonly known as "into the sand" or "slag", in the foundry production of this defect is a very common defect.

After the alloy steel casting cooling box is not cleaned, according to the casting and gating system surface conditions, it can be determined that there is no sand and slag defects. If the pouring Cup, direct runner, transverse runner, inner runner and gate surface or junction, and the surface of the casting has a serious or crack-like sticky sand, it can be sure that the castings have slag and sand into the defects. Such castings, especially the plate-shaped, round cake casting machine processing surface will have white, black gray spot defects. If the operating procedures are not strictly controlled, seriously affect the quality and order completion of the progress.