Cause and solution of melt-wear problem of alloy steel castings

- Dec 22, 2017-

First, the reason for the dissolution: the temperature is too high will appear in alloy steel castings melt wear problem. The higher the adiabatic temperature, the thinner the pipe wall, easy to appear the problem of melting, in the aluminum heat filler density of 1.3g/cm, without adding or less inert additive when the thickness of 5mm will occur melt wear. The high temperature of the system is the root cause of melt wear.

Ii. Solutions:

Reducing the adiabatic temperature and increasing the thickness of the steel pipe can avoid the problem of penetration.

Control the preheating temperature or the thickness of alloy steel castings can be avoided by melting.

To understand the reasons of molten steel castings and the solution, what needs to be done is to remedy the problem and avoid the occurrence of similar problems.