Carbon content and application requirements of high chromium white iron castings

- Mar 22, 2019-

In the process of high chromium white iron castings, the amount of carbides is often changed by adjusting the carbon content. For high chromium white iron castings without other alloying elements, the maximum diameter of the air quenching energy is 20mm, and alloying elements must be added to improve the hardenability.When manganese sharply reduces Ms, there will be more residual austenite in high-chromium cast iron after quenching, therefore, it is generally controlled below 1.0%.


Therefore, it is generally controlled below 1.5%. In the manufacturing process, the increase of Ms in the silicon will reduce the residual austenite and reduce the hardenability. Therefore, it should be generally controlled.High chromium cast iron casting temperature is not expected to be too high, so as not to shrink too much and sticky sand.High pouring temperature thick big 1350-1400 , the pouring temperature increase riser under the shrinkage cavity, and will cause the dense miniature pine, make grain organization bulky at the same time.


Application of high chromium white iron castings in cement mill


High chromium white iron castings of cement grinding roller lining plate, thick large cross section of grinding roller lining plate needs to have a certain impact resistance of high chromium cast iron varieties, used for large cement vertical