Application field and heat treatment advantage of wear-resistant castings

- Jan 23, 2018-

The wear-resistant materials used in the process of making wear-resistant castings in steel, the market has been the production of large quantities of the austenitic wear-resistant steel, wear-resistant alloy steel, wear-resistant white cast iron, cast iron and wear-resistant steel matrix composites five series of wear-resistant steel castings, wear-resistant castings are widely used in metallurgy, electric power, building materials, chemical and mechanical industry, wear-resistant materials will directly affect the life of the equipment and the production efficiency is the industry concern to a certain extent.


Wear resistant casting of our country has already become a relatively independent industry, while the formation of suitable for large-scale production of iron and steel wear-resistant materials engineering and industrial technology. Cast grinding ball, liner plate, shovel teeth, jaw plate wear-resistant steel and wear resistant alloy cast iron have been exported to America, Japan, Canada, Australia, Germany other industrialized countries, and has wide influence in foreign counterparts.


With the development of academic and technological exchanges, production cooperation and market trade, China has introduced and digested and absorbed a number of advanced technology of wear-resistant castings abroad, improving the technology level of China's wear-resistant materials industry.


Wear resistant castings are effectively produced by marquenching wear resistant martensitic ductile iron by liquid quenching and heat treatment. The bainite with good toughness and toughness is produced through alloying and liquid quenching heat treatment such as Mn.