Application Field and excellent performance of Coal Grinding liner

- May 31, 2018-

The coal mill liner is mainly used to protect the cylinder in the process of use, so that the cylinder can be protected from the direct impact and friction of the abrasive body and the material to a certain extent. At the same time, different kinds of linings are also used to adjust the motion state of the grinding body to a certain extent, which can enhance the grinding effect of the grinding body on the material, help to improve the grinding efficiency, increase the output and reduce the metal consumption.


The main raw materials of the coal mill linings are ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) during the manufacturing process, to a certain extent, it is mainly made of ethylene. Thermoplastic engineering plastics with viscosity average molecular weight greater than 1.5 million ~ 7 million were prepared by polymerization of butadiene monomer under the action of catalyst. Wear-resistant liner can be used in transportation machinery, food processing machinery, packaging machinery, port wharf, mining machinery and other fields.


The coal mill liner can be used in a certain extent in the low temperature environment of -269 ℃, generally, its high wear resistance and extremely low friction coefficient can effectively prevent the flow of the material during the bridge building and the extremely low water absorption. Wear-resistant liner it is not wetted by water, not affected by the humidity of the material. As a result, materials do not work on lining walls or especially in the open air, nor do wet materials and containers freeze together due to low temperatures.


The application of the high polymer coal grinding liner is very extensive. It will have very good performance when it is used. This can make the high polymer wear resistant plate occupy a very high position in the industry. The high wear resistance and high self lubrication of the coal mill lining board can greatly simplify the structure of the belt roller, and it is very convenient to install and maintain, and it can be used for coal every year. The industry saves a lot of money.


In the process of processing, the coal mill liner can be effectively added with various additives according to the proportion of its formula, and the raw materials can be effectively improved when used, so that the difficulty of processing can be effectively reduced. The sintered molding method can keep the properties of high molecular polyethylene sheet better. It is precisely because of these polyethylene sheet processing methods, that it is so widely used.