Application and significance of Mine Grinder in Mine

- Mar 29, 2018-

The mine mill is a new type of high technology crushing machine, which is being recognized and popularized to some extent by the people engaged in mining and dressing industry at home and abroad. To some extent, the mine mill has replaced the iron ore concentrator of the traditional crusher. At present, the mine mill is developing towards a larger size, the diameter of the roller is further increased, the granularity range of the grinding will be larger, and the processing capacity will increase.

In the process of operation of mine mill, it needs a certain static pressure to feed the ore, so the ore funnel needs a certain height, which is realized by the pressure of the ore's self-weight on the roller surface, the height of the ore funnel and the shape of the roller surface, the diameter of the roller. The discharge of high pressure roller mill used for fine crushing is generally a cake-shaped output. It is necessary to have a certain height difference between the ore discharge opening and the connecting point, so as to facilitate the crushing of ore cake

The use of grinder in the mine is very demanding for grinding and grinding. It requires uniform granularity, stable ore volume, stable water content and no exceeding standard. It is forbidden to enter all kinds of foreign matter into crushing chamber, so as to ensure normal operation.


The mine mill must have a set of scientific and reliable automatic control system to realize timely monitoring and control, in order to ensure stable operation and high requirements for automatic control, it is a major feature of mine mill.


There is a great difference between the crushing products of conventional crusher and mine grinder. The crushing products of conventional crushing machine are not uniform in size. The equipment of mine mill is mainly used for fine crushing in concentrator. The granularity of grinding is 200mm, the particle size of discharging is 50mm, and the grade of target particle of the discharging material can reach 25mm, which reduces the operation quantity of ball mill to a great extent.