Applicability and processability of coal mill liner

- Jan 30, 2019-

The alloy layer of coal mill liner with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance contains a high percentage of chromium metal, so it has the ability of preventing rust and resisting corrosion. It can be used in coal barrel and funnel to prevent coal caking.

The applicability of coal mill liner is strong, wear-resistant composite steel plate specifications are complete, variety, has become a series of commodities. The thickness of wear-resistant alloy layer is 3 ~ 20 mm. The thickness of the composite steel plate is 6 mm and the thickness is unlimited. At present, the standard wear-resistant composite steel plate can provide 1200 or 1450 × 2000mm, but also can be customized according to the user's needs according to the drawing size. Wear resistant composite steel plate is divided into three types: common type, impact type and high temperature type, order high temperature wear resistant and impact resistant composite steel plate should be explained.

Coal mill liner machinability

Wear-resistant composite steel plate can be cut, leveled, punched, curved and curled. It can be made into flat plate, arc plate, cone plate and cylinder. The cut composite board can be welded into various engineering structures or parts. The composite plate can also be heated and pressed into a complex shape with a touch tool. Wear resistant composite steel plate can be bolted or welded to the equipment, easy to replace and