Anti-wear measures for mine mills

- Sep 25, 2019-

(1) Improve the processing and assembly quality of mechanical parts materials. Improve the processing quality of mechanical parts, reduce the difference between the actual shape and the theoretical state after processing, and minimize the friction damage. The installation of mechanical parts should be reasonable. The space between the appropriate parts is determined and refined in real time to restore the inherent fit space. The use of technology to continuously develop new mechanical materials, optimize production processes and design, develop new products, and promote the application of non-metallic wear-resistant coatings and wear-resistant materials, thereby reducing the wear of mechanical materials.

(2) Establishment of liquid friction. The establishment of liquid friction can greatly reduce the mechanical friction coefficient, thereby reducing mechanical wear. The establishment of liquid friction requires sufficient lubricating oil and its inflow velocity, pressure and suitable matching space. The rotation speed of the journal should be fast enough. The accuracy of bearing and journal machining should be reasonable with the smoothness of the corresponding surface. It should be carried in the bearing. Oil tanks and oil-filled holes are designed outside the area to achieve continuous start or stop of mechanical equipment, ensuring stable liquid friction conditions.

(3) Application of lubrication technology. A key way to maintain mechanical equipment is lubrication, which is fundamental to reducing mechanical wear. In the process of maintaining and maintaining mechanical equipment, advanced lubrication technology and new lubricants for testing machinery should be used. On the basis of the safe operation of coal mine machinery, apply small-viscosity lubricants as much as possible. Moreover, in the case of light load and high speed operation, a small viscosity lubricating oil is selected, and in the case of heavy load and low speed operation, a large viscosity lubricating oil is selected. In addition, it is suitable to use a large viscosity lubricant in summer, and a small viscosity lubricant in winter.

(4) Pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of coal mine machinery and equipment. Due to the complicated working environment of the mine, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of coal mine machinery and equipment. It is necessary to combine the performance and characteristics of various coal mine machinery and equipment, create and improve the technology of diagnosing mechanical faults, diagnose the coal mine machinery problems in real time, effectively analyze the actual problems diagnosed, and formulate corresponding maintenance, repair and maintenance countermeasures. Focus on the management of coal mine machinery and equipment, focusing on the supervision of coal mine machinery in the operation process, requiring employees to strictly abide by relevant operational requirements to prevent the occurrence of safety failures.

(5) Focus on training and operation techniques. Pay attention to training coal mine machinery operators, familiarize them with the maintenance, repair and operation procedures of coal mine machinery and equipment, as well as improve the awareness of coal mine machinery operators' positive prevention. They can discover, analyze and deal with problems in real time to prevent dangers. At the same time, the maintenance files and maintenance procedures of coal mine machinery and equipment are created and improved, so that coal miners can grasp the relevant knowledge of maintenance machinery and equipment in real time.