Alloy steel castings should reduce casting problems

- Jul 22, 2020-

1, try to avoid large horizontal planes in alloy steel castings;

2, the casting hole on the flat wall of the casting should be reinforced with a convex edge to reduce the wall thickness;

3, the casting structure should be as far as possible so that it can shrink without hindrance when it is cooled;

4. Large-area interlayer cavities such as water and gas channels in the casting should have several connecting posts.

Through the above introduction, the alloy steel castings should pay attention to the practical value in the structural design, and their production materials should meet the standard requirements, so that the product can exert stable performance in our daily work, otherwise it will cause brittle cracks and distortion. This means that the design requirements of the product do not meet the production standards, so when you buy the product, you can pay more attention to its structural design.