Advantages of sand casting

- Feb 10, 2021-

The wear-resistant parts of sand casting crushers are still very common in China, such as jaw plates, high chromium hammers, crushing walls, rolling mortar walls, etc., because in the crusher equipment, as a relatively large wear-resistant casting, Relatively speaking, the accuracy is not very high. Especially for the jaws, the finished products are almost not polished by a lathe. The broken wall, rolling mortar wall, roll skin and the like only need to be polished by a lathe, so it is especially suitable for sand casting. Because the wear-resistant parts of sand casting jaws, high chromium hammers, broken walls, rolling mortar walls, roll skins, etc., these crushing equipment are more than 20% more durable than other products such as lost foam casting. However, lost foam casting has high dimensional accuracy, small machining allowance, convenient dry sand falling, and reduced cleaning and polishing workload by more than 50%, saving labor costs, so the price of lost foam casting is relatively low.