Advantages and structure of mine mill

- Sep 12, 2018-

The wear resistance of the vulnerable parts of the mine grinder is good, and its special heat treatment is mainly used in the operation of high-wear alloy steel.The operation and maintenance of mine grinder is convenient. Generally, compared with large vertical mills abroad and other grinding equipment at home, mine grinder is easy to operate, with high operation rate and convenient maintenance.


Advantages of mine mills

1. Large range and low production cost.

2. Small consumption of consumables can reduce production costs and iron pollution of materials with special requirements.

3. Adjustable fineness, able to strictly control the material range of its products.

4. Small size, simple and convenient installation, can save civil construction investment.

5. Low noise, less dust and good environmental protection effect.

6. Good mechanical performance, simple operation and convenient maintenance.



The structure of a mine mill 

1. The gap between the roller and the lining can be adjusted according to the size requirements of the raw material.

2. The discharging device can adjust the remaining time in the grinding to control the grinding particle size.

3. The external spring is the source of squeeze pressure, which can be changed through adjustment.