Advantages and microstructure control of alloy steel castings

- Jan 22, 2019-

Alloy steel castings refer to the parts made with castings, which are similar to the properties of cast iron to a certain extent, but have better strength than cast iron.


Flexibility is one of the advantages of alloy steel castings. Designers have maximum freedom of design choice in terms of the shape and size of alloy steel castings. Steel castings, whether simple or complex in shape, can be made by relevant processes.Alloy steel castings are easy to change in shape and form quickly, giving them an advantage for badly needed customers or for transactions with short lead times.


Because alloy steel castings can be controlled by different chemical composition and microstructure, they can be applied to different engineering requirements and have a wide range of applications.At the same time, alloy steel castings can achieve different mechanical properties and applicable properties through different heat treatment processes, and have good machining