Advantages and application scope of new heat-resistant casting process

- Jan 25, 2018-

Heat-resisting casting is a casting at high temperature when in use, the product has very good oxidation resistance, growth resistance, thermal fatigue resistance and attracted widespread attention, usually Cr, Si, Al is a key element to maintain its heat resistance, especially when the temperature is about 1200K, Al seems to be necessary.


Advantages of new process for heat-resistant casting


1. aluminum does not need to melt alone, saving a lot of energy.


The burning rate of 2. aluminum is close to or equal to the traditional melting process.


3. there is no segregation defect.


4. the operation is convenient.


5. it is easy for large quantities of continuous cattle production and mechanization.


Introduction and development of nickel based heat-resistant castings


Nickel - based austenitic castings have good heat resistance, high impact toughness, thermal shock resistance, small expansion, and low hardness, easy to process.


Expanding the application range of heat resistant castings of chromium system


High chromium castings have good oxidation resistance, small heat resistant temperature dispersion and high thermal stability.