Wuxi Orient Anti-wear Co.,Ltd

Wuxi Orient Anti-wear specialize in production of wear, heat and corrosion-resistant castings and the relevant grinding equipments. We were awarded the certificate of High New Technology Enterprise issued by Sci-tech Bureau, Jiangsu Province in 2004. The lining plates, without any bolts, are easily installed. The reliability and stability of the new plates are much better than those of traditional bolted ones.

Hot Products

    • Chute Linings Introduction

      Chute Linings Introduction

      The Chute Linings capacity of our company is 30,000MT/year and the single piece is from 15kg to 20tons. The capacities of Mid-frequency induction electric furnaces are 15tons,12tons, 5tons,2tons, 1.5tons and 1.2tons. And we have 10 sets of heat-treatment electrical furnaces with capacity of 30 tons, 10 tons,3 tons. The super wear resistant liner of hopper has the characteristics of super abrasion resistance ratio and high impact resistance ratio.

    • High Wear Resistant Cast Iron Mill Corrugated Liner

      High Wear Resistant Cast Iron Mill Corrugated Liner

      Ball Mill Liners Introduction Rubber lining board is used at both ends of the ball mill, the cylinder rubber lining board, also known as rubber lining, rubber lining, rubber lining plate for ball mill set by lining board (grille type lattice board), the end of the upgrade, the center ring (grid...